A sales team at your service:

William ANTONIO: South-West sales – Lucie GRANGE: Back office –  Jérôme BÉAL: Sales Director North of France – Stéphanie FONTANAY: Back office – Delphine GALLAND: Back office Manager – Rémi TEYSSIER: Mediterranean arc and Corse – Linda MENDES: Back office – Caroline POCHON: Back office – Arthur VERHOEST : North-East sales– Marielle CHAPUIS: Back office Manager – Joseph TIXIER: Sales Director South of France – Malorie GIBERT: Back office – Nicolas BRIAND: North-West sales – Peggy LAGNEAU: Export back office.

The MOULIN sawmill has surrounded itself with the world’s best manufacturers of sawing, drying and planing equipment to guarantee a reliable, modern and efficient infrastructure.

LINCK gives us the benefit of its latest innovations with equipment that offers high productivity and unparalleled reliability.

LINCK equips 20 of the 25 largest European sawmills.

As far as drying is concerned, the traditional cells BASCHILD and MASPELL for the vacuum cells, give us the benefit from the latest innovations to accelerate our drying process.

Our roundwood receiving yard, Springer, opened in 2013. This log yard is one of the most efficient and, above all, flexible log yards in Europe. Two unloading areas (short and long logs) can operate simultaneously. The log yard is prepared to process 500,000 m3/year. Round timbers are cubed in the sawmill after debarking. The cubing is certified by the FCBA, which guarantees the forest owners the veracity of the cubing data. Once debarked, cut to length and cubed, round woods are sorted and classified by quality, diameter and length in 120 boxes. Grapple shovels manage the stocks on a park of debarked logs ready to be sawn and are in charge of supplying the sawmill entrance decks.


An experience of more than 50 years in the industrial sawing of wood, a constant adaptation to new technologies, an optimized production management to draw the quintessence of our tool, a permanent questioning, specialized and highly qualified collaborators. 

This is how the MOULIN sawmill became what it is today. A team of operators is regularly trained in quality. Numerous control procedures are carried out throughout the sawing process as part of our certifications:


Sorting of sawn products

At the end of the sawing process, this operation is crucial to the production quality.

Indeed, the operators are paying close attention to the quality of the products which enter the filing cabinet. These operators, trained by the FCBA, can downgrade or purge sawn timber according to the noticed defects. We are working on the implementation of an ultra-probe system enabling us to sort the wood according to its density. We take great care with the batten of the packages since most of them will be dried. The packages are identified by a label bringing a traceability to the sawn timber.