Our sister company France Bois Imprégnés is one of the largest impregnators in France.

With 10 autoclave tubes and a real expertise in class 3 and 4 impregnation, it can offer you the whole DÉCOVERT range for wooden outdoor fittings:

Round wood class 3 and 4: stakes, logs, poles.

Rough or planed structural wood: complete range of beams, bastaings, joists, rafters, Scandinavian or Baltic pine pieces.

Decking, roof battens and duckboards with class 3 or 4.

You will be able to better discover our range thanks to the Décovert catalogue.

Planed round beams

We can supply you with planed round beams.

These beams can be produced in fir/spruce as well as in Douglas fir. These woods are mainly used as beams but can also be put vertically as poles.

This product is similar to a debarked log with a finishing machining giving it a more finished aesthetic aspect. However, this product is subject to deformations during the drying process.

We recommend to re-dry the wood prior to installation, and that the installer makes an incision equal to half the beam’s diameter on the non-visible side. This saw cut will be comparable to an artificial heart slot, made on the non-visible part of the wood. This operation will not prevent the natural reaction of the wood (surface splitting).