• A preventive anti-blue treatment tank by soaking enables to avoid the phenomena of wood staining. This tank mainly treats wood used for packaging and formwork. The anti-blue treatment is approved for use in handling pallets or crates for fruits and vegetables.
  • 5 gantries spread over 3 tanks of insecticide and fungicide treatment by soaking ensure a class 2 treatment. The product used is CTB B+ approved.
  • A 12-meter-long autoclave is dedicated to the impregnation of class 3 (sawn timber in fir, spruce or Douglas fir) or class 4 (sawn timber in pine). Our sister company France Bois Imprégnés has 10 autoclave tubes for class 3, 4, and also M1 (wood fireproofing).

The protection of wood against rot and insects by means of modern preservatives products brings additional advantages and ensures a long and trouble-free life.

We process wood with SARPECO 850 preservatives for insecticide and fungicide treatment and AXIL for anti-blue treatment. It is applied by a controlled soaking process.

The technical data sheets and certificate of treatment validity are available in the download menu.